Hall Booking Policies

  1. New congregations may apply to use the Anglican Centre by appointment with our Priest
    • Congregations must be distinct from existing congregations in some way.
    • Doctrinal foundation must be Trinitarian and Incarnational. (Historic Creeds are also welcome.)
  2. Halls are booked against a written request.
    • Bookings cannot be made by individuals or groups other than congregations authorized by AC.
    • Up to two persons per congregation may have authority to book halls.
    • Regular Bookings will be charged unless cancelled one month in advance.
    • All incidental bookings or cancellations must be made in writing, a minimum 3 working days in advance.
      - Individuals are not allowed to book halls
      - Groups not registered with AC as congregations may not book halls
    • Regular bookings are managed automatically through the system software.
  3. Special event bookings require a dialogue prior to sending the request.
    • Bookings for special events will be charged at normal rates and normal usage policies apply.
    • Bookings for special events will be denied if the congregation is in arrears in payment.
    • Special arrangements for tables, A/V equipment, parking etc. must be cleared by AC administration at least week in advance.
    • All posters, notices, etc. must be cleared by our Priest one week in advance.
      - Only AC Staff will post notices.
      - Notices are only posted on notice boards.
    • Donations may be collected, but funds may not be sent outside of Qatar.
  4. Guest speakers/preachers (from outside Qatar) are not allowed unless cleared first by our Priest.
    • In principle, AC will not arrange visas for guest speakers.
    • No publicity about a guest speaker may be issued until the content is agreed with our Priest
      - Presentations and sermons must not refer to outreach among people who are not part of the Christian Community.
  5. Bookings for use of the Baptistery must be requested, at least one week in advance.