Hall Booking Procedures

  1. Users are required to complete a registration form. Any details which subsequently change, from time to time, must be submitted to the Centre management in writing.
  2. Usage fees will be calculated monthly, on a hourly rate basis, and are payable by the 10th of the following month. Invoices (monthly fees) and statements (summary of invoices and receipts) are available on request.
  3. Invoices will set out all the bookings (days, dates, times, halls, hourly rates, etc.) for the month and the fees due. Any discrepancies are to be brought to the Centre management’s attention, to avoid conflicting bookings.
  4. A copy of the deposit slip for direct payments, with the Worship Group’s name written on it, is to be submitted to the Centre Administrator for record purposes. Failure to do this will result in accounts apparently falling into arrears, when they are not. We cannot identify cash payments made directly into the bank account.
  5. Non payment of fees for two consecutive months may result in suspension of use of facilities.
  6. A schedule of standard rates/discounts is applicable for the use of facilities.
  7. The following will also be applicable:
    i. Fridays - between 9:00 to 13:00 – a prime-time surcharge of 10% on standard rate
    ii. Fridays – all other times - standard rate
    iii. Primary day of Worship – standard rate
    iv. Weekdays – applicable discounted rate for regular Worship Groups – standard rate for outside groups.
  8. All booking requests are to be made in writing, preferably by email. All emails should indicate the name of the group in the subject line together with the subject at hand. (e.g. CHURCH OF THE EPIPHANY – request for additional booking).
  9. All emails relevant to the same subject should include the previous emails, for ease of reference. New email subjects should start with a new email and not be sent as a reply to a previous email on another subject.
  10. Any confirmed or regular booking not utilized, without prior written agreement of the Centre management, will be charged for.
  11. Any bookings made on an irregular basis (i.e. for only the first Friday of a month) will be subject to availability on a monthly basis. Should another group require the time-slot on a regular basis, they will be given priority.
  12. Regular bookings cannot be cancelled on an ad hoc basis, except in the case outlined under Clause 13 below.
  13. Any bookings made, which replace existing bookings, will be treated as new bookings and the bookings which are replaced, need to be specifically cancelled. Clause 10 will still apply under these circumstances.
  14. No additional bookings will be considered unless the Worship Group is up to date with payments.
  15. Any request for cancellations of additional bookings, within 30 days prior to the event, will not be accepted.
  16. Bookings should be made to take into account the time needed for set up, dismantling and informal fellowship during the specified timeframe.There will generally be a 15 minute gap between bookings, for use by the Centre staff to access the Halls. This time is not to be considered as free time to be used by either the entering or departing group.
  17. Any period outside of the specified start and end times, must be agreed to in writing,prior to the event, provided that this extended time does not interfere with other bookings. Any additional usage will be noted, by Centre staff, in the booklet used for this purpose, and signed by an authorized person in the Worship Group, for the attention of the booking administrator the next day, and the relevant charges will apply.
  18. Each room will be provided with a lectern, table and chairs. No additional furniture is permitted without the prior written approval of the Centre management.
  19. No furnishings in the hall (excepting chairs) may be moved without prior written authority from the Centre management.
  20. No furniture or equipment may be moved from one room to another without prior agreement.
  21. No materials of any kind are to be stuck or fastened to the walls, windows or doors.
  22. No items may be stored on the premises except in the storage units especially provided. These units are for storing books and very light equipment such as microphones, etc.
  23. Musical instruments may be used, but no drums, of any kind, are permitted.
  24. No sound systems may be brought into the building, except with permission from the Centre management.
  25. No food or drink may be brought into the building, except by prior arrangement with the Centre management and payment of a cleaning deposit. (This includes crisps, chewing gum and soft drinks).
  26. EachWorship Group is responsible to ensure that all children from their group, are supervised by a responsible adult at all times, whilst on the premises. Worship Groups which ignore this rule, may find their use of facilities suspended.
  27. At the end of the meeting/service the room must be left clean and tidy.
  28. Any damage must be reported to Centre management. There may be charges should the damage be deemed to be as a result of negligence or misuse.
  29. Abuse of the premises through non-adherence to these guidelines, may result in suspension of use of facilities.
  30. Worship Groups are to avoid aggravation with Centre staff at all times. Any irregularity is to be brought to the Centre management’s attention, in writing, as soon as possible, for resolution. If there is a problem with a booking, the staff will do whatever is within their power to resolve the immediate problem and bring it the Centre management’s attention the following day.
  31. These terms and conditions are subject to revision, from time to time, by the Centre management.