Hall Usage Policies

  1. Any use of a vacant hall by any Worship Group which, for any reason, does not appear on the booking schedule in possession of the Centre staff, will be approved by the Duty Manager, noted in the booklet used for this purpose, and signed by an authorized person in the Worship Group, for the attention of the booking administrator the next day.
  2. Each group is expected to vacate the facility at the specified end time, and should only enter the facility at the specified start time. There is no space to permit informal fellowship outside of the specified time-slot and Worship Groups are urged to respect the start and end times without exception, in order for the Centre to operate smoothly, without conflict. Overstay if any, will attract penal charges
  3. Each room will be provided with a lectern, table and chairs. No additional furniture is permitted without the prior written approval of the Centre management.
  4. No furnishings in the worship room (excepting chairs) may be moved without prior written authority from the Centre management.
  5. No furniture or equipment may be moved from one room to another without prior agreement.
  6. No materials of any kind are to be stuck or fastened to the walls, windows or doors.
  7. No items may be stored on the premises except in the storage units especially provided. These units are for storing books and very light equipment such as microphones, etc.
  8. Shoe Racks are provided for congregations worshiping without shoes. Shoes left on the floor in the hallways could be subject to confiscation.
  9. Musical instruments may be used. Amplification is provided by the Centre. No additional sound systems may be brought into the building, except with written permission from the Centre management.
  10. No food or drink may be brought into the building, except by prior arrangement with the Centre management and payment of a cleaning deposit. (This includes crisps, chewing gum and soft drinks).
  11. Each Worship Group is responsible to ensure that all children from their group, are supervised by a responsible adult at all times, whilst on the premises. Worship Groups which ignore this rule, may find their use of facilities suspended.
  12. At the end of the meeting/service the room must be left clean and tidy.
  13. Any damage must be reported to Centre management. There may be charges should the damage be deemed to be as a result of negligence or misuse.
  14. Abuse of the premises through non-adherence to these guidelines, may result in suspension of use of facilities.
  15. Worship Groups are to avoid aggravation with Centre staff at all times. Any irregularity is to be brought to the Centre management’s attention, in writing, as soon as possible, for resolution. If there is a problem with a booking, the staff will do whatever is within their power to resolve the immediate problem and bring it the Centre management’s attention the following day.
  16. These terms and conditions are subject to revision, from time to time, by the Centre management.